Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Friday, 8 August 2014

Learning to decoupage/ Insect jewellery box

As promised there are some photos of what I made on my first decoupage class. As we were decoupaging little boxes, I thought it would be nice to make something I could use, like a little jewelry box to put all my bits and pieces. After the class my teacher said to me, that I should be proud of myself and I kinda am.


Thursday, 7 August 2014

Photo diary/ Layer decoupage class/ What do I do when I have some me time

In a previous post I was complaining a little bit about feeling down and came to a decision that my happiness is in my hands and that I have two choices: to be sorry for myself or to go and be happy, try new things, do things I like, be with people I love to spend time with.
Yesterday afternoon I went to a layer decoupage class, which was really good fun and it was kind of for free and you get to take home whatever you create! We were decoupaging little boxes, the class officially takes one hour (it lasted like 1.5 hours and people still didn't want to go home) and you get to learn the basics of decoupage and get an introduction to all the different products you can use for your projects at home. The time was well spent and I am definitely going again (pom poms are on my mind). Photos of what I made on the blog tomorrow.

Below are some photos from the decoupage class.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Friday, 1 August 2014

Photo diary/ Making memories/ Unconditional love

It's Friday again my dear friends, and Friday for me means - friends time, catching up, talking books and other girly stuff. Happy!
I found myself feeling a little bit down this week mostly because of stagnation in my life. Don't get me wrong most of the time my life is great and I really don't have anything to complain about, but I really miss going to work and having a challenge. The time goes so fast and at times the thought that I don't progress really scares me. Day to day I am fighting with myself to find the inner balance and be happy here today, because I do understand that seeing every moment of my little boys life is a privilege and I am lucky to have it.

Have a relaxing weekend!

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Photo diary/ Zoo adventure

Our zoo adventure was unplanned, unexpected and exciting. I keep asking myself how come I've lived in London for almost ten years and I haven't been to a lot of places or done all the exciting things that London has to offer. So I think now is the right time to get started!
About the zoo. It's no secret that I am an animal lover, I had a bunch of pets while growing up (and the secret, that most of the kiddy activities makes me overly excited. shhhhh!) and a day at the zoo with my boys sounds like a great day for me. I must admit that I had high expectations for the zoo as it's London zoo and got disappointed a little bit, because the selection of animals they have is quite poor (I hope all the rest are running free in the wild), a lot of cages were empty and the animals we saw looked tired and not particularly happy (hope it's due to the heat). 

The park itself is spacious and lovely, a perfect place to hang out on a sunny day. There are lots of animal shows running daily throughout the week. We got to see one and it was a nice experience. Kids have a separate zoo corner where they can stroke animals and have fun in a water fountain and there is a playground too. The zoo is stuffed with souvenir shops and cafes, ice cream on every corner, so if you have a demanding kido with you it might be quite difficult to make compromises without blowing your budget. There are plenty of spaces to have a lovely picnic on the grass. We spent half of the day at the zoo and I am definitely putting it on my list to visit again (later when Ben will be more interested in all animals, not just the cats).

The zoo is a pricey attraction, but remembering that all the money goes to a good cause, once in a while it's worth visiting. We recommend! 

The end.