Monday, 8 September 2014

Snack time/ Sweet potato crisps

I baked these sweet potato crisps in the oven (150C) for about an hour turning halfway through baking.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Hello September

Bye Bye Summer! 

Hello beautiful September!

Taking Stock

feeling/ grateful for everyday blessings life brings
loving/ to see Ben grow into a little amazing boy
thinking/ positive, every negative event in your life is just another lesson, which leads to a better life
planing/ to go back to work
looking forward/ to my friends comeback and Christmas
remembering/ to stop and enjoy the moment
reading/ all by Lindsey Kelk, managed to read 6 books during the summer time and met the author/ Very happy!
feeling proud/ of myself for finally organising family photos and making photo books
Watching/ Xfactor
Enjoying/ long walks in the park with my boy
Buying/ way too much clothes, it's time to start saving
Wishing/ to be able to skip time
Learning/ to stop stressing over everything, life is too short to worry
Dreaming/ big!  

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Photo project 52/22

Hello all! I must say I am feeling a bit guilty for not posting regularly, but life been chaotic here lately and I am trying to get things back on track asap. I want to say thanks to uncle Lee for keeping up with a schedule and taking all these amazing photos of my boy. We are half way through our little project and I feel more and more excited every week!
Weekend is just few days away! Have a lovely day!   

Grumpy moment...

About Photo project 52 read Here.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Photo diary/ Happy little moments

Life happens... love ends...people leave...hearts break... There are hard times, lessons in life you have to learn, anger and a relief forgiveness brings. And there are moments of joy, happy tears and laughter, little special moments which reminds you that life is beautiful and precious...and that there is so much more good to come, because after every storm comes a rainbow...

P.S Some photos below from our summer holiday in Portugal.

Bye bye sun...